Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Winter Hiatus

Little to report on the painting front, Christmas has a momentum all of its own in the Carney family. But that is not the main reason for the lack of brush action. We are taking a significant break and spending some weeks travelling in the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and the States.

The planning for this trip has consumed most of my spare time in recent weeks but now the trip is almost upon us, I'm facing the dilemma as to what to pack in terms of painting gear. Weight restrictions on airlines are the background to selecting anything for packing. This has lead to me coming to the almost inevitable conclusion that the oil kit must remain at home. Tripods and palette boards are just too heavy for a long trip along with adequate paint and supports. I could probably have got away with it if the trip was about a week or so but this journey is just too long to skimp on other essentials. And so the painting equipment that is packed is the trusty watercolour box and a couple of blocks of my favourite paper, Saunders Waterford. Hopefully, there will be some pieces that are worth posting as we travel and it is my intention to try doing that.

So till there is something to post I'm on weather watch in the hope that our plans are not disrupted by the current cold snap.