Thursday, 30 April 2009

Trip to Ullswater

This week we set off to our caravan in the Lakes for a few days away and some fresh air. Whilst the weather was a little mixed it gave us the opportunity to relax and catch up on a list of things that we wanted to do, we even managed an evening at the cinema. Best of all I was able to get out and paint.

The first picture here is the set up I have for working out doors. Sheila bought me an Open Box M kit for a Christmas present and I love it. The palette attaches to an old photographic tripod that was picking up dust in a cupboard and the whole thing is easy to set up in the field. The only disadvantage for us in England is the ridiculous cost of getting the things shipped over.

Plein Air set up alongside Ullswater

The picture below is of the oil sketch made on the day the previous photograph was shot. Weather conditions were mostly overcast with occasional breaks in the cloud producing some sun.

Ullswater - Oil on canvas board 12" x 10"

This trip coincided with an exhibition by one of our favourite artists, Phil Hobbs. Phil is a very talented watercolourist who paints in traditional fashion with wonderful draughtsmanship and fabulous control of the medium. He has a small gallery in Ambleside and it is an absolute 'must' for anyone who finds themselves in that small town. If you can't visit in person get on to his website at and feast your eyes at the skill of the man. I've included three examples of what has been available in the recent show.

Salute from the Grand Canal - P. L. Hobbs

Restoring Dignity, San Trovaso - P. L. Hobbs

Wrapper - P. L. Hobbs


Anonymous said...

I too have an Open M (the pastel one, but it is very similar to the oil one).... which I was fortunate enough to have purchased in the States before we moved back home last year. I use it for watercolour and oil at the moment! ...although I do like a simple metal telescopic easel if I have to walk very far.
I like the warm pinkish tones peeking through your painting...what a fabulous setting!..... and love the Hobbs watercolours you have posted.

Mick Carney said...

Thanks for commenting Maggie. Have you tried Phil's web site yet? By the way visited your site and love the loose watercolour stuff that you do so well.