Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fresh Air

Yesterday provided the first bit of excitement for a while - a promising weather forecast. The gales were predicted to die and the sun was to emerge for those of us who like to get outside with our paints. True to their word the Met Office got it right, today dawned as foretold.

It took no time to pack the trusty pochade box, a few tubes of paint and head up the coast to one of my favourite stacks. Whilst a little bit rusty with the hog bristle and palette knife it was good to start working the oil paint for the first time in some months.

Now that the tubes have been squeezed I'm hoping that there are going to be a few more days like today so I can start to get my technique into shape.

Marsden - Oil on canvas board 12" x 10"


Caroline said...

You are out there! you made it! Lovely scenery Mick I can feel the ocean breeze blowing in this bonny scene. Well done!

Mick Carney said...

Caroline - Thanks, it was a real boost to get some fresh air in the lungs and start moving some juicy paint.

rob ijbema said...

glad you made it out too mick
you've got the depth thing going much better now

Mick Carney said...

Thanks Rob, hopefully that's one of the things starting to happen. I'll have to begin concentrating on some of my other targets for improvement.

Peter Ward said...

Not being an oil painter I find it difficult to comment but like the rock at the front. Glad the adrenalin is running again Mick!

Mick Carney said...

Peter - Thanks. You shouldn't find it so difficult to comment on oils, they just make pictures and you are well qualified by dint of the thought that you have given picture making to blast away.