Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Back in Harness

Yes, it's been some time since I posted here but the summer has been taken up with a lot of travel, mostly with family, so painting has taken a place on the back burner. However, las week I had the opportunity to go to Venice with my painting gear as a 'baptism of fire' in taking up the brushes again.

It was to be an interesting week as the last time I'd been there I'd found myself a little overwhelmed in terms of painting and I spent a long time analysing why I found it so difficult. La Serenissima is the most wonderful of places but it certainly tests the mettle of anyone wishing to render its wonders in paint. This is a subject that I may return to wen I've had time to absorb the experience of the latest trip.

Here are two examples from the series of oil sketches that I made on the streets during my stay. 

As always any comments, advice or criticism are welcomed.

Rio dei Mendicanti - Oil sketch on canvas board 12" x 10"

Salute at Dawn - Oil sketch on canvas board 12" x 10"


L.W.Roth, said...

I give you a lot of credit for taking the time to paint at all. If memory serves me, I spent a lot of time there gawking and drinking wine typical tourist style. Nice work Mick! Cudos for your street painter chutzpah.

Mick Carney said...

Linda - Thanks a lot. Isn't it the most wonderful place? If there is anywhere that can get me dragging out the painting gear it is Venice. On top of that there is the special thrill of standing in front of the subject with brushes in hand.

Yvonne Harry said...

Nice to see that you have had a brush in you hand again, Mick. These oils are very well executed.

Mick Carney said...

Yvonne - Thanks a lot.