Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Today's additions

Managed to do some work on my painting today. I've started to bring the clouds down on the left and begun to insert one or two crepuscular rays with attendant highlighting on the water. I've also toned down some of the foreground and lightened some of the grass. The one thing I am learning from this piece is the way that stretching the tonal range is a great technique when you want to get a feeling of light. Having pushed the tonal range I am starting to detect a feeling of light that lets the colours start to glow. Hope my next efforts don't spoil that aspect of the work. Watch this space.

Oil on stretched canvas 40" x 30"


rob ijbema said...

love the drama,you achieved with the light dark contrast,you spend your time studying turner well!

Mick Carney said...

Thanks Rob. I intend pushing the contrast a little more before calling it a day. I've learnt a lot from working on this piece.