Thursday, 7 November 2013

A New Challenge

Recent frustrations with image making had me thinking hard about getting some sort of focus to my activity. The latest thinking for me is to spend some time making portraits with a view to producing a large scale piece early in the New Year. So in one sense it's back to basics, drawing on a daily basis and honing the observational skills necessary to make convincing portraits. It's some time since I submitted myself to that degree of discipline  so I'm hoping that the process gives me a boost in technique.

The sketch below is one of today's efforts with evidence of much adjustment and erasing as I have attempted to get somewhere near to getting the rudiments recorded. As yet it doesn't represent a convincing capture of the subject but this whole project is very much a work in progress.

I hope that regular readers have patience with my fragmentary work on these lines and I'd welcome any advice from the more regular portraitists out there.

Drawing - graphite 6" x 4"


Caroline Simmill said...

Keep going Mick, drawing is somehow easier to get into than painting. Many artists miss out on the joy of drawing wanting to get into color far too quickly, yet drawing gives us an understanding of tonal values and observation skill that can really help us when we come to paint landscapes. You can pick up a drawing pad and a few pencils and create a sketch anywhere and at anytime of the day, it will also give you great satisfaction to know you are being creative even if you are simply sketching items in your home. Maybe aim for studies instead of sitting down to tackle a proper painting. I hope you don't mind my suggestion, but it a way forward if you have a busy life. I have started giving myself an hour a day to my palette knife paintings, it is an amount of time that is better than trying to find a whole morning, afternoon or evening. I think your portrait shows a lot of character, with good drawing skills that would benefit from you taking more time out in short burst to practice your observation skills. The angle of his face is not easy to do Mick. You have done well. Think how great your work will look in a month if you sketch everyday!

Ray Maclachlan said...

You've made a good start Mick. Just keep working on it, you are on the right track.

Peter Ward said...

Rusty so am I Mick, keep at it is the only answer. Funnily enough I've been doing the same thing. Our subject this Thursday is a `Portrait, but unfortunately the model has had to cry off so it's (probably) back to a photographic reference. Yours is shaping up.

Corn Dena said...

good sketch!