Sunday, 22 August 2010


Still struggling to get out with the oils but enjoying messing about with the watercolours at the kitchen table. It's really relaxing in the current humid conditions to sit rather than be carrying the plein air kit. Must be getting soft.

I find that watercolour can be a medium that frees you up if you let it. After recent struggles with tightening up splashing the water about is quite liberating and the results are fun, anyway Sheila likes them so maybe one or two others might find them interesting.

Watching the weather forecast, I must get out with the oils.

Sunflowers - Watercolour on Rough paper 16" x 12"


Caroline said...

A visual delight to the eye Mick. Perfect watercolour painting you have a lovely way of painting in this medium that creates a soothing and peaceful scene. I don't think the painting needed the red object but that is just my personal taste. Those flowers are just wonderful.

Peter Ward said...

Nice and loose Mick, some nice colours too.

Mick Carney said...

Caroline - You are so kind. I think I agree with you about the red which in fact was a pepper and a nectarine lying next to each other. The paint ran and produced an unhappy accident as opposed to the other sort. The risk of loose work in watercolour. Thanks again.

Peter - I managed something a little looser this time and am thinking about expanding my colour range as well as trying to make clean colour notes. Thanks for your interest.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Ok, I like the red objects. They move the eye around and add punch to a beautiful watercolor.