Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Trying to Loosen Up

Regular readers will know that one of my constant struggles is the need to loosen up my application of paint and try to become more impressionistic. In some senses this is a reflection of my inability to produce photographic type images even if I wanted to. My years as a photographer had me understanding that if you want a photograph use a camera not a paint brush. Even though I have the greatest admiration for painters of great technical skill I find myself drawn to looser styles in other people's work. Hence my wish to move in that direction. The problem is the beginner's curse of trying to put too much into each painting and the subsequent tightening of stroke and line.

Below are two efforts from this week. The first is a plein air sketch done on the green outside Durham Cathedral. I was interested that after application of paint I felt the need to firm up a few lines with the pen.

Durham Cathedral - Watercolour Not paper 10" x 8"

The second is another table top still life.

Still Life August 10th - Watercolour on Not paper 16" x 12"


rob ijbema said...

are you using a big brush mick,try using a bigger one or even an old one...also try and paint what you see when you squint and leave it at that,
i'm at the oppesite at the mo,need some sharper edges in my work...

Mick Carney said...

Rob - You're right, I drop to smaller brush sizes far too easily and need to spend a bit of time with a one large brush strategy. Thanks for calling by.

Peter Ward said...

Hi Mick

Like the colours in your still life. My only comment is have you enough of a balance between hard and soft edges? CR says should be 50/50

Mick Carney said...

Peter - the simple answer is NO, there aren't enough soft edges and this is a frequent failing of mine. CR as usual is correct.