Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Reformed Reprobates Painting Society

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I spent the day with my life long friend, Jed and along with our usual bouts of surreal story telling we knuckled down to do some painting and drawing. Our occasional art get togethers we have dubbed meetings of the Reformed Reprobates Painting Society. The name being the euphemistic title describing our alternative to the occasional lost days partaking of social liquid refreshment.

When I arrived at Jed's he had set up a complicated breakfast table as the basis for some still life work. Much as I love still life work this one was a real challenge, difficult drawing, difficult perspective and a beggar to get the inter linking of the shapes and sizes anywhere near correct.

However, recent excursions in still life had built up sufficient confidence to give it a go. This is a subject that I would have found daunting not too long ago but I had the distinct feeling that the many hours drawing were starting to show some dividend. Just goes to show, it's true what they say about 'practice'.

As always there are all sorts of things that strike me as needing to be attacked a little differently next time but I found this a very useful and interesting exercise with some pleasing aspects. All in all, a fulfilling day.

Breakfast Table - Watercolour on Not paper 16" x 12"


Caroline said...

Yes, the practise has paid off and very well indeed. I think it does us good to stretch our self and work on a challenging subject. You have done a great job Mick, mind you it would have been hard for me not to eat that fine breakfast!

Mick Carney said...

Caroline - Thanks a lot. Unfortunately by the time we finished the painting the bread was stale and not very appetising. Never mind the risotto we knocked up afterwards went down well. I agree, challenge is the best way to learn and improve.

Peter Ward said...

Nice piece of work Mick. Like it.

Mick Carney said...

Cheers Peter.