Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Take every Opportunity

We're enjoying the sun and the leisurely pace, not really conducive to concentrated activity, but the paint box goes everywhere. And so the opportunity arose, a long lunch where time had no meaning but the itch to paint was still lurking. So, reluctant model in place, the pencil then the paint went into operation. Apologies to Sheila. I will get round to painting the cacti and Los Gigantes at a later date.

Sheila - Watercolour sketch

Sheila - Detail


Caroline said...

You really have captured the essence of this lovely lady in your watercolour sketchbook study. She is deep in thought, great work.

Mick Carney said...

Caroline - Thanks so much. It seems that her concentration did the trick as the meal we ate was first class.

Peter Ward said...

Keep on painting Mick! Glad to hear the food is good.