Wednesday, 19 January 2011

January Project

The latest in the series of projects that I share with my friend Peter Ward. This month I put up the photograph below which is an image of a bandstand in one of our local parks. I chose this because of the challenges provided by the snow and light conditions.

Mowbray Park Bandstand - Photograph

This turned out to be difficult in terms of deciding on a style, part of my personal search for a way of making images that is my own. Whereas with some subject matter I find it easier to adopt a loose approach this picture pushed me to a tighter way of operating. As usual parts of the finished piece please me and others less so. My main disappointment is with the foreground where depiction of the snow and shadows is particularly problematic. I tried to make it other than a slavish copy and introduce a few loose strokes but having done so I think that that whole section of the painting looks a little at odds with the upper portions. Nevertheless the whole exercise has been stimulating and I look forward to next month's exercise.

Mowbray Park Bandstand - watercolour on Not paper 16" x 12"


Peter Ward said...

I find it difficult to comment on this one Mick. I don't think it a great success any more than mine is. I found it very difficult to tackle and at one stage even contemplated surrender but the great thing is, rather than opt out, in a challenge like this you have to grit yout teeth and get on with it.

To my mind this subject might be better done plein air when you can actually see things in a much better light (not just actual light!). This is the sort of occasion when I think `How would CR tackle it?' It would be very nice to have a virtual CR at the shoulder to help.

Mick Carney said...

Peter - you are correct, gritting the teeth is sometimes necessary. Plein air is always better, photographs are always second best.

I'm not sure about 'CR as guardian angel', ultimately we have to feel comfortable with our own style. My biggest problem is deciding what mine might be.

Peter Ward said...

I agree Mick that you have to find your own style - eventually. However what I meant is that books and videos are all very well but my personal experience - and this happens regularly is I get to a point where I think to myself `What would Charles do now, What might Judi do?' Because they paint in a very loose, some might say unpredictable style,it's more difficult to follow or be guided by. That's my view anyway. I'm still searching!