Sunday, 16 January 2011

Welsh Miner

Welsh Miner - Watercolour on Not paper 14" x 11"

Found a little bit of time to add some context to the picture of a miner in the last post. The source photograph was a group of miners with terraced houses in the background so I decided to show some similar homes with the addition of a pit head wheel house.


Anonymous said...

Mick, I really like the flowers in your last post, by the way, and think you are being way too critical on yourself! The miner is awesome too, although I do prefer the cropped close up composition of the last post to this one, a little.

Peter Ward said...

I prefer the original miner also Mick. The background looks a little bland and (in my opinion)lessens the impact of the figure who isn't center stage any longer.

Mick Carney said...

Maggie - Thanks a lot for the encouragement. As I look at the the image I have to say that you are correct, the closer crop works better. It was an attempt to create a little context for the figure. I hadn't planned the whole thing well enough when I started more intent upon getting the feel of the materials again.

Peter - As you can see from the above I agree with you and Maggie. I'll probably be posting the January Job in the next couple of days.