Sunday, 23 January 2011

More Kitchen Table

I had hoped to get outside with the oils with the recent easing of the weather but the old back hasn't been up to it. Consequently the best chance to get some painting done is the kitchen and some of the flowers that are around the house.

The greens are still a bit of a struggle, nowhere near as convincing as some I was producing just a couple of months ago. I need to take a leaf from other colleagues and spend a bit of time just working on colour swatches to sharpen up my colour mixing.

With this one I should have got in the tones on the table before making a delicate shadow shape, at the moment there is an inconsistency with the current rendition. I got another drawing done so when we get some light tomorrow I've got another to go at hopefully with some better greens. That's the agenda for the morning.

Tulips - watercolour on rough paper 12" x 9"


Peter Ward said...

Nice strong colours Mick. The greens look okay to me.

Caroline said...

Very nice indeed Mick, you have this subject mastered well!

Mick Carney said...

Peter - Thanks. I'm determined that the next one will be better.

Caroline - You are too kind. I'm not feeling totally in control at the present.

rob ijbema said...

excellent contrast for watercolors mick
love the clean colors