Sunday, 8 February 2009

Looking for help

Pen and watercolour sketch

Portrait of Charles Evans

Embarking on a search for help wasn't as straightforward as I first imagined, largely because of the huge number of books, DVDs and tutors offering their services. There was one person who came to my attention quite early who seemed to teach at a level where I wouldn't feel overstretched. He had a series of programmes on television where he painted at a variety of locations around my native NE England. That attracted me, but what was more impressive was his obvious enthusiasm and evident delight in trying to break through the mystique and difficulties to make his viewers confident to attempt subject matter that might frighten them. His name - Charles Evans. I visited his studio and managed to enrol on one of his courses. It lived up to expectations and I returned with a confidence and determination to give it a go.

Above is a portrait that I produced from a photograph of Charles.

From that point on a box of watercolours would accompany me on any trip I made and on those days that I was able to get out and spend time in the outdoors. The image of Romaldkirk above is from one of those sketchbooks.

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