Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Heart of It

Now that I was getting a little experience I began to think about what it was I wanted to make the core of my work. In one respect it was not a difficult question to answer. I have always loved the outdoors and many of the pursuits that I've followed have been in the country or on the coast. This made it easy to decide that whatever else I did, working en plein air would be at the heart of it and that a core of that would be spending some time along the wonderful NE coast which is where I live. Within a few miles of home there are some fascinating sea stacks left by cliff erosion and they make interesting subject material. The following images are all 12" x 10" Oil sketches that were completed on site within seven miles from home.

Whitburn Rocks

Lizard Point



Dan Corey said...

These views really make me wish I could get out there to see these. (and paint of course)

Mick Carney said...

Hey Dan, when you've completed your exhibition canvases and opened, hop a plane over here. You can stay with us and paint to your heart's content.