Thursday, 17 September 2009

Charles Reid Workshop - Day 3

Trip Day. Jane had organised a day out at Lacock, a picturesque village now administered by the National Trust and recognisable as the site of much film location work. The Lark rose to Candleford and we went forth with Pride and Prejudice in various Dickensian poses to attempt to emulate the magic taught at Hogwarts in applying our paint to paper. You get the idea?

Troops assembled outside National Trust office.

The day was a day for exploration and painting. The charming village had a plethora of possible painting subjects and rewarded a little scouting around. It was fairly natural that a number of the group would paint in the same location as Charles, so they could combine their painting with observation of him at work.
Charles checks vantage points.

View from 'Painters' Corner'.
'Painters' Corner', a group positioned themselves with this view to prepare their composition for the day.
However, there was much else of interest, in particular the Abbey. The Abbey houses an interesting museum devoted to Fox Talbot, inventor of the positive/negative process in photography as well as working in a range of disiplines from physics to philosophy.
Lacock Abbey
The village was invaded by painters as well as the usual bunch of tourists. Two of our merry band are below. Peter Ward, an artist from the South west and Gilles Durand from the South of France.

Peter and Gilles.

The day turned out to be perfect, weather to die for and stimulating subject matter to last a life time. As always the last 'word' goes to Charles with his interpretation of the view from 'Painters' Corner'.

Lacock - Charles Reid

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