Monday, 14 September 2009

Make a Shape, Soften an Edge

What a strange title? Well these are immortal words from the mouth of our teacher for last week, Charles Reid. Yes, I was fortunate enough to have gained a place on one of Charles' rare workshop visits to these shores and having been a tremendous fan of his work since I picked up a brush and discovered his book, Watercolour Secrets, the anticipation during the months since registering has been difficult to contain. For the purposes of this post I have placed a couple of my workshop efforts on the site just to get the ball rolling. If you have any interest in the work of Charles, I intend making the workshop the subject of my next posts, where I hope to show a lot of pictures of Charles in action and shots of his pictures as they developed. Having just arrived home from the other end of the country I need to attend to domestic matters and will return to the blogoshere at the first opportunity.

George Heath, Urchfont Village Green - Watercolour, Not paper 16" x 12"

Fred Dowse, Urchfont - Watercolour, Not paper 16" x 12"

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