Saturday, 19 September 2009

Charles Reid Workshop - Day 5 - Part 1

Part 1, you ask yourself? Well this day was to be split into two distinct segments, one inside and the 0ther outside. The other reason is that I have to go away for three days and Sheila is waiting with the packed bags at the back door. So get on with Mick.

Still life is a favourite of Charles' admirers and no course of his would be complete without at least one session and so it was to be. If you've been following this blog then you will know the routine by now. A few pictures to show the development of the piece then the completed work. So, here goes.

The Set Up

Contour Drawing - Charles Reid

Importance of correct brush strokes to place petals and leaves

First thoughts on bouquet - Charles Reid

Intermediate - Charles Reid

Still Life - Charles Reid
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Back next week for Part 2

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