Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cerulean Blues Brothers beat the Wind

Some while ago I introduced you to my lifelong pal, Jed. We met in schooldays and have kept in touch ever since. He is a very versatile artist, working in a variety of media, musician and educator. Now that we have reached an age where we are not permanently engaged in work we have the occasional opportunity to get together, share ideas, experiences and our latest projects. Then there are the days we devote to painting. Yesterday was one of those but the weather made it impossible to get outside as we had planned. The obvious solution in the circumstances is to throw a few bits and pieces onto the table and create a still life composition.

Still life is difficult subject matter requiring patience in getting a decent drawing down before the problems set by light and colour selection kick in. In my current tentative 'getting back into it' stage I'd set myself a testing task.

The resultant image is below. There are some passages that I'm pleased with and others where a more confident use of the brush might have improved things but nevertheless things are heading in the right direction. We felt we deserved the contents of the bottle after a testing afternoon.

Still life Sept. 13th - watercolour on Not paper 16" x 12"


Caroline said...

I am so glad the weather kept you in! I am very fond of your still life work to me it is your best work. I think it is really beautifully painted and has such a fresh look to it. More rain please to keep Mick at the still life table! You could have some of ours after a fine morning it is now horizontal rain and wind!

Peter Ward said...

Not bad at all Mick! Keep them coming.

Mick Carney said...

Caroline - Thanks so much. We are moving into the still life season so there will be some more. However, I am missing not getting out to paint. I do so enjoy the outdoors with brush in hand.

Peter - Thanks as always.