Thursday, 15 September 2011

Short Walk

The wind died today so I was determined to get out for a short while and try something a little different. Last night I was browsing some of my art books and came across Judi Whitton's book "Loosen up your Watercolours". Regular readers will know that one of my hang ups is the fairly common response to tighten up as a painting progresses. So I decided that today would be a sketch book attempt to loosen up my work.

Durham is a favourite city of mine and I'm lucky enough to have the benefit of living just a few miles away. There are many stunning views in the city but none of the better ones have the Cathedral and Castle as absentees. So the river bank it was and the image below is today's effort to loosen my watercolours. I'll let you judge how successful I've been. I have my own views as to how it might be improved.

Durham - watercolour on Not paper 11" x 9"

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