Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Charles Reid Day 4 - The Dance of the Size 10 Kolinsky

The Dance of the Size 10 Kolinsky

This was a day that many in the party were looking forward to – Still Life.

A set up was laid out including flowers, fruit and some crockery. Charles spent a little time moving pieces in and out of the arrangement till it had the loose but connected arrangement that he strives for.

Judy Reid had suggested to Charles that he make today’s piece on A paper called Schut Flamboyant. It was a paper that I’d never seen before with an interesting undulating texture. It soon became apparent that this paper or at least this sample was not suitable for the approach that Charles intended to use. His first wet wash soaked into the paper and rendered the surface very soft to the touch.

Drawing on Flamboyant - note the texture

Charles decided to abandon that idea and set up a sheet of Schut Noblesse instead. This had us back on track and he began again.

Value Scale Sketch

In his first few comments Charles used the term ‘value’ and as he often does he asked if everyone was comfortable with his use of the term? One member expressed a lack of certainty so Charles quickly produced a six step value scale in pencil to illustrate his explanation. And then like any good teacher he checked the learning by asking a series of questions about the values of various elements of the composition.

Still life - first pass

After that little interlude Charles began. The first passage that he produced was done quickly and with the utmost skill with the brush. His Size 10 Kolinsky Sable literally danced across the paper and producing the most wonderful subtle effects. A bravura performance and hence the title of today’s post.

First Pass Detail

Aborted beginning on Flamboyant

Still life - Stage 2


Still Life - Stage 3
Set Up

Gilles entertains other participants

Peter and Sally examine the Man's palette

Still Life - Watercolour by Charles Reid


Ray said...

You are doing a wonderful job, Mick. When do you get time to sleep? It's amazing that I can view yesterday's work within 24 hours of it being painted!

Mick Carney said...

Ray - The marvels of modern technology never fail to surprise me also. It's a fairly easy process with the templates available through Blogger. Thanks for the appreciative comment. It's good to know that fans of Charles and his work are looking in.

Peter Ward said...

I'll get my own back for that headshot. Why couldn't you show my good side?

Mick Carney said...

Peter - There are those that might consider it your good side. Thanks for last week and love to Jen.