Saturday, 29 October 2011

Competition Answers

Thought I'd better post the answers to the competition I set a couple of weeks ago. There were only a couple of responses that showed a real familiarity with the pieces posted. One of them had almost all of them including their titles, but no one had them all. Consequently no prizes awarded. I've reposted the pictures with the names of the artists below. It would be a good little exercise to try and put a title to them all. No! I'd rather paint as well.

Thanks to those who were in touch with their efforts. Ian Wright made the best attempt and other than missing out one and not getting the photographs just about had everything else, including titles, correct. Well done Ian, not just a good artist but a knowledgeable student to boot.

Picture 1 - Edgar Degas

Picture 2 - Edgar Degas

Picture 3 - Andrew Wyeth

Picture 4 - Norman Rockwell

Picture 5 - Edward Hopper

Picture 6 - Edward Weston

Picture 7 - Georgia O'Keefe

Picture 8 - John Singer Sargent

Picture 9 - John Singer Sargent

Picture 10 - John Singer Sargent

Picture 11 - Albert Bierstadt

Picture 12 - Winslow Homer

Picture 13 - Winslow Homer

Picture 14 - Frederic Edwin Church

Picture 15 - Joseph Mallord William Turner


hap said...

Hello Mick!

I came to your blog via my friend Peter Ward, and while I did not enter your contest I did get many of the "questions" correct. I got O'Keefe, Weston, Sargent, Wyeth, Rockwell, Hopper, and ONE of the Homer's right. Missed the Degas...and had never heard of the others. I'm still a novice to the painting is another story entirely (grin). Hope you enjoy your visit to the US, how long are you going to be "over here"?

Mick Carney said...

Hap - Welcome. Glad to hear that there are people out there who know the photographers as well as the painters.

We've just got back from the States and had a fabulous time. Maine is a wonderful destination for painters and I'm keen to return. But then the US is full of great painting destinations!

hap said...

Isn't it funny, I say the same thing about the's FULL of great painting destinations!! ^_^

I've been a freelance photographer most of my life so for me it's no surprise to recognize Weston's work (father OR son).

I live near Seattle Washington, so I have lots of inspiration both for photos and painting in my area!

Anonymous said...

Mick, I think I recognised about half of them of the top of my head....a few surprises, though!!!! I love art history and should study it more. Maybe I'll do so on my of these days.