Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Charles Reid Day 5 (Part 1)

Democracy, Repercussions and Recriminations

A picture of concentration

This post will begin with a Public Health Warning,( No! not the Sock Show below) it will be a bit different to previous posts in this series although somewhere or other the expected highlighting of Charles’ work will take place. For the rest of it if you weren’t here it may not make any sense and is really for the amusement of course participants.

And the winners of Finely Turned Ankle Competition are.......

Abroad in Crantock is a malign influence, sometimes impugning the integrity of the equitable and democratic table service. Two nights ago in response to the regal wave of Queen Judy, an agent for the Dark Side sat down to dinner with our esteemed teacher and wife. In the course of giving suitable tribute and sycophantic obeisance a note of mischief entered the discourse, suggesting that to sit with our leaders ensured early service, the essence of preferential treatment. As you might expect lots of offended denial took place and it became clear that there was to some interesting manoeuvring before the following night’s meal, in an attempt to disprove the impudent theory from the Dark Side.

The next night followed and new seating positions were adopted in a clear attempt to disorient the staff and create a slower service for our star attractions. Was this a set up behind the scenes? What transpired? Well our leaders’ table ended up being the last to served and by some margin. One starving, strangled voice was heard to croak, “We’ll never sit on this table again”.

Now then did we witness a strategy that went wrong or was there some subtle double bluff taking place? Tonight will tell, what is for sure is that our resident Imp will be cast into outer darkness and suffer the exile that he deserves. Or does he? Is there another twist in the tale yet to be revealed?

Those interested in painting are probably best starting here.

The class was asked which type of project that they were interested in pursuing and a majority opted to attack another still life.

The demonstration is self explanatory and all I need to say is that it was another demonstration of the highest quality. The following pictures tell the story.

One interesting question that arose was whether or not Charles had a battle plan when he sat down to begin his painting? He replied, “No, I like to come to it fresh as if I hadn’t done it before”. So much for all the formulaic teachings of many self styled experts.

Still Life - Drawing

First Pass


Third Stage

Is it finished?

Still Life - Watercolour by Charles Reid (Spot the difference between this and the previous one).

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