Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Charles Reid Experience

It would be rude to leave the topic of my week in Cornwall with Charles Reid without showing a little of the work that I produced during the week. I've selected three pieces that are representative of my work during the sessions.

The first piece is my working of the still life set up that Charles had used in his morning demonstration. I'm rather sorry that I didn't take development photographs as I went so that you could see the process that I followed. Apologies. Charles on his walks around the room commented that I didn't have the balance of soft and hard edges right in the flowers. He then took a page in my sketch book and demonstrated what he meant with a couple of flourishes of the brush. I should have asked him to sign it. He did a few of these personal little demonstrations during the week but he never makes a mark on anyone's painting.

Still Life Crantock - Watercolour on Not paper 16" x 12"

The next piece was done on the first day from one of the old photographs owned by the hotel and depicts one of the life boat crew. I have mixed feelings about this one. Drawing inadequacies and poor colour selection haven't given the best result here. It's a subject worth returning to.

Crantock Life Boat Crew - Watercolour on Not paper 16" x 12"

The last piece is an interesting one for me. Charles encourages people to paint along with him as he does his demonstrations although only a handful take on the challenge and I'd decided that sometime during the week I would have a go. The picture below was done in my sketch book as Charles produced his portrait of Perry. My own larger portrait that I did later in the day was not as successful as this one. Is there a message there somewhere?

Perry - Watercolour on Not paper 10" x 8"

As you can gather the week in Crantock has had a real impact on me and I now have for myself a number of challenges to improve my watercolour technique. Not least is the enormous challenge of getting the consistency of my paint mix right time after time. You'll be able to follow my progress in that over the next few weeks as I try to depict my surroundings in Maine over the next fortnight. That is if the fog clears over Heathrow and I make my flight to Boston. You receive this early posting as a result of flight delays at Newcastle Airport.


Dianne Hague said...

I am anxious to hear how you do in Maine, since I live to paint the foliage and mountains today.

Mick Carney said...

Dianne - You may be in the group of painters that is visiting Boothbay on Wednesday?. I'm hoping to get down there and talk to a painter or two.

Dianne Hague said...

I won't be in Boothbay, I think those are the Plein Air Painters of Maine. I hope you have a wonderful time during your stay, and can not wait to see what you paint. The Maine Coast is wonderful, and I must say the mountains, where I live, are not to shabby either.

Doug said...

Hey Mick; great job on the Reid blogs; you captured the week perfectly. One correction (but understandable, since I was shoved off in a little corner on that last day); Charles DID scribble on my painting (I was working from a photo, actually 2, one of a woman carrying baskets and another with a boat on land). He said, "The boat is bad." (subtle, eh?). He said I should throw a shadow beneath it. He picked up my pencil and scribbled a bunch of lines and said, "it should go about there." Then walked away. Of course he was right. I painted the shadow and voila!

Thanks again for a good blogging job.

Mick Carney said...

Dianne - Yes they were the Plein Painters of Maine and they were a real friendly bunch. Seems like you share some of our British weather. Changeable we call it.

Mick Carney said...

Doug - We had a laugh didn't we? Plus lots of hard work and great tuition. Should have got CR to sign that scribble, you'd have been overwhelmed when it went on ebay. Hope to see you somewhere around the world.

Vashaeski said...

Hi Mick,
I enjoyed reading and looking at your postings of the Charles Reid workshop you were lucky to attend! I thank you for posting them.
You mentioned the Mr. Reid "encourages people to paint along with him as he does his demonstrations" I was wondering if he tells which colors he is mixing together as he paints? Also had you view any of his videos or books before attending his workshop?
Thanks, Rhonda